Senin, 30 November 2009

My experience

d Jm sGni Lom Bza Bobo..
Yach,iseng2 Aj NuLis d'bLog Biar Cpet Penuh..

Next ..
I want to tell me in terms of experience romance,
first, I was never close to a man's first try just wrote to accept the offer of going together as friends to friends ..
(he said his friend was also longer for women's girlfriend, hihihi ..
I think the same happened to really like me and vice versa)
about a few months we've passed the word I was with him again in the exploratory stage, from day to day, he often sent messages to me often call me ..
just then we were close enough ..
until the holidays arrive I decided to vacation in the capital as well to see mothers who have not seen ..
when he got in Jakarta I plan to spend holidays there ..
after fatigue diperjalanan toward home mom I was, when we get home I pour out my travel experience with writing my status (FB)
he accidentally read it and that night he called me, we talked, joked, and so on.
after a week or more I'm there (still a long vacation) I change my decision, and immediately returned to manado, it coz I want to meet with him ..
more ..
after passing through the process I finally got to the manado, I immediately reported, he came at night I place ..
and we make plans for the streets the next day ..
However, it all does not fit with what we are talking about ..
after he came home I got unexpected problems at home ..
As a result I am forbidden to go out the next day, and schools can not even begin to hurt my heart and confused, I do not know what to say to him??
for fear he would not believe it and consider it only reason I'm just ..
I decided to turn off my mobile phone, and got my friend to explain to him because I'm ashamed to say it directly to him ..
but my friend did not tell the truth ..
I was getting to feel shame and guilt to him ..
from then on had been his attitude began to change me, we are not as close as it used to be ..
but her affection has appeared in my heart ..
but what the hell, I finally started to learn to forget and it takes a long time ..
until I knew he already had a girlfriend ..

and like it or not I have to let go ..
was very heavy though ..
but in fact until now I still have a better sense of him ..
but let, he does not need to know everything ...
I still love him ...

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